Former Atheist Finds Ways to be Healed by God

Gaze deep into the vast, starry heavens. Now gaze inward and see the same thing.

By George Tyrell

As above, so below– On Earth as it is in the heavens—all God’s creation is resurrection from desolation. This is the way of our own salvation as well. For we are part of that greater scheme whose Kingdom and Spirit dwell also within ourselves. (Luke 17:20-21) (1 Cor. 3:16-17). Tapping Your God-Source reveals how to plumb into that power to overcome our afflictions and become all we can possibly be. The ultimate goal is self- transcendence beyond the perishable into oneness with the Godhead.

Part One “Drawing the Healing Powers” embraces scriptural teachings empowered by broad-spectrum therapy to heal debilitating afflictions. Sacred spiritual imagery powered by methods like stress-inoculation and desensitization can enact unrivaled ways to put on the full armor of God. Also revealed are the deepened states of prayer practiced by Christian saints and mystics of old, along with methods of meditation and guided imagery to reach deeply into the psyche or soul. The aim here is to be purged of all internal barriers to finding your Source in the Mystery called God. Sometimes you will encounter severs pitfalls and stumbling blocks. In the words of an ancient, sage:

Heaven may one day charge you with great trust,
may try you with bitterness, subject your sinews to
toil, and your body to hunger, reduce you to
nakedness and want, and bring your enterprises to
naught. Thusly, your mind will be made active,
your character tempered, and your weaknesses
made strong. — Mencius , 300 BCE

“On to Actualization & Transcendence” goes beyond healing alone to help realize the ultimate purpose of God in your life and does so through three merging paths: 1) The Personal Path: Your true calling—discovering all you can possibly be. “Your highest potentials are God’s gift to you. Actualizing them is your gift back to God.” 2) The Interpersonal Path: Scriptural teachings empowered by methods like anger-management and sensitivity-training allow the Golden Rule to reward also the giver. 3) The Transpersonal Path: Deep within you can tap the power to transcend all that is perishable until you can finally sing out with Paul—”O death where now is your sting? O grave where now is your victory?”

“Permeating all of reality exists the grandeur of a Tremendum in all its awe-inspiring enigma, its terrible fury its incredible beauty—all-creative in the cosmos, nurturing in nature, personal within persons, and transcendent in its ultimate mystery. It is the lawful and creative power behind the Mystery we call God.”

Once an avowed atheist, psychologist George Tyrrell discovered the full power of religion can induce suicidal mass murder or create a Jesus, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King. This led to extensive research in galvanizing this transcending force for the good through our ancient religious teachings empowered by tested therapeutic techniques. His former works are The Bok of Thomas the Doubter: Uncovering the Hidden Teaching. And Ripples From the Darkness, a book of poems and stories. Tyrrell remains affiliated with of the American Psychological Association and The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.

(SOURCE: Christian Newswire)

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