Evangelist Wears Christian T-Shirt Every Day for 10 Years, Then Starts His Own Line

New Christian T-shirt superstore (https://t-sciple.com) is now open for business. The website, which features over 200 reasonably priced designs, is the brainchild of Jeff Criswell, who started it after wearing a Christian T-shirt (almost) every day for 10 years.

“In 2009, I came out of a dark spiritual season, and wanted to show the world that I loved Jesus,” Criswell says. In addition to street corner and door-to-door evangelism (“yep, I’m that guy”) he also started wearing Christian T’s, every day.

At first, Criswell wore off-the-rack Christian T’s but became disillusioned by the lack of quality (“some were downright cheesy”) and knew he could do better: “Because I was wearing one every day, God was giving me ideas about what would both look good and project the Gospel with integrity.”

Still, Criswell mulled the idea of starting his own T-shirt line for several years before taking the leap. “Like with any venture, starting up is a lot of work, and the timing did not seem right.” When he launched the site, though, “I discovered a labor of love.” Although he started with just a couple of designs, the site now features hundreds: “the ideas just keep coming. God keeps prompting new ideas,” he claims. “I’m constantly pushing the envelope as to what a Christian T-shirt should look like.”

The result is an easy to navigate website that has something for everyone: “If believers take a few minutes to browse the selection, I guarantee they’ll find a shirt they like.” So far, the response has been overwhelming: “It’s thrilling to see new orders coming in, and humbling to know that folks are wearing T-sciple shirts. To God be the glory!”

T-sciple.com is a resource for Christians who want to celebrate Jesus with the shirts they wear.

(SOURCE: T-sciple via Christian Newswire)

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