Redemption Press Releases Spiritual Thriller Based on a True Story

What if everything you thought was true and good—wasn’t?

A fast-paced spiritual thriller with contemporary flair and a strong biblical foundation, The Glittering Web, by Richard and Linda Nathan, plays on today’s fascination with paganism and witchcraft to plumb their evil and deceptive natures.

Stripping away years of deception doesn’t come easily—especially to Loren and Eve Montcrest. They believe they’re following the true path as initiates in Seattle’s Arcane Institute, their society’s elite training academy for the New World Order in 2050. Pursuing spiritual power despite enormous dangers, they are caught up in a fiery, fast-paced succession of intrigues and adventure that rocks their love for each other and even their sanity. Only a shocking last-minute intervention can strip away the veil of deception and rescue them from destruction—but will they give up everything for it?

Based on a true story by those who walked its depths, The Glittering Web is book 1 of the four-part Omega Point Series. Bridging fantasy and reality, the series exalts Christ as it plunges the reader into the fiery battles that can occur when escaping Satan’s realm for Christ.

Although the story’s backdrop is a one-world government, it’s not an end times story and has no prophetic timetable. It best fits the Christy Awards category of “futuristic” yet is very different from other Christian novels in that genre. Nor is it similar to such popular “Christian” fantasy, futuristic, and sci-fi titles as those by C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Frank Peretti. And, finally, it’s not really futuristic either because the spiritual realities in it are brutally true today. You’ll just have to read it and decide for yourself!

Through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. — Ephesians 3:10–12 (ESV)

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)

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