Center for Ministerial Care Features Mentoring, Restoration Programs

The Center for Ministerial Care (CMC), a ministry under the Division of Care for the Church of God, has long been a resource for providing materials and counseling services for ministers and their families.

A recent report from the CMC staff revealed progress in mentoring and restoration programs, a vital component of the CMC. According to Raymond Culpepper II, restoration coordinator, there have been opening discussions with state and international leaders regarding a possible partnership between state sponsored programs for sabbaticals and CMC. Specifically, CMC could be a counseling resource and a good option for ministers looking to be enriched during sabbaticals.

“Additionally,” Culpepper continued, “we could work with these (leaders) to arrange the limited usage of the Junus Fulbright sabbatical house (in Cleveland, Tenn.). Partnering with states enables CMC to potentially provide more care that is preventive and enriching for ministers.”

Along these lines, CMC has produced a video featuring the sabbatical house and will have it up on CMC social media sites soon. In addition, a new video was produced for Mentoring Pastors to help them understand their vital role in the restoration process. The video will be uploaded and linked to the restoration web page where the new electronic forms are located.

Referring to the mentoring program, Culpepper stated mentors are to function in three main areas:

1) To simply be a pastor for the restoration client and their family;
2) To help ensure the client is accountable and properly invested in the process;
3) Meet regularly with the client to provide spiritual enrichment and encourage-ment
Three restoration groups have successfully finished the program since September 2018 and are now eligible to resume ministry with the Church of God.

Over the last year or so, the restoration process has been reformed and converted to an electronic system, so that a minister can initiate the process in minutes. This allows the CMC to be more responsive to the needs of the minister and his family and causes less stress to be added to an already potentially stressful situation.

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