Church of God Publications Releases New Resources

Church of God Publications has released several books and resources in time for the camp meeting and youth camp season.

According to David Ray, director of publications. the titles include new works and re-releases of popular tools for discipleship, training, and enrichment. Ray leads the group recently rebranded as Church of God Publications, and includes Pathway Press, Dockins Graphics, and Editorial Evangelica.

“The publishing arm of the Church of God has been around for more than 100 years,” Ray said, “starting with The Evening Light, the precursor to the Church of God Evangel. Church of God Publications is committed to providing the latest resources, delivered in ways that meet the needs of our customers, both in print and electronically.”

The latest offerings include books for all ages and several are written by Church of God authors. They include:

Wolves at the Door by Toby Morgan
The prophet Habakkuk used several metaphors to describe the enemies of God’s people. Among them were this chilling description: “more fierce than the evening wolves.” Today, these wolves are still on the prowl. They love to attack at twilight, for they flourish in a mixture of darkness and light. Let’s lay claim to Psalm 112:7, which says of believers, “They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord” (NIV). Toby S. Morgan is administrative bishop for the Church of God in Texas.

Gracie and the Bully by Angie Wilson
This resource is written for kids in grades 1-5. It is part of the “Gracie and Friends” series, which offers Bible-centered content on issues kids face today. It corresponds with a four-lesson curriculum, Facing a Bully? God Is Faithful? for use at church, which includes Faith Connection and Family Connection pages to use at home. Angie Wilson is an award-winning children’s author, singer, and teacher.

Jesus Walk
Designed for group study as well as personal use through daily devotions, this 13-week course is written in everyday language. Based on the Church of God Practical Commitments, it covers the themes Discipleship; Prayer and Worship; Fasting, Confession, and Burden-bearing; The Bible; The Church; Stewardship; Glorifying God; Good Fruit; The Family; Self-Control; Modesty; Citizenship; and The Ministry of Reconciliation

Relational Discipleship by Randy Ballard
This is a 36-week coaching plan for small group or one-on-one discipleship in the local church. Five levels include Know, Grow, Believe, Serve, Go. Randy Ballard presently serves as the Lead Pastor of the Kings Point Church of God in Maineville, Ohio.
Love Lead Feed by Lance Colkmire
Kids need loving leaders, at home and at church, who will nurture their spiritual development.
This book’s eleven chapters are packed with sixty principles from ten children’s leaders to help you love, lead, and feed children. Lance Colkmire serves as Managing Editor of the Evangel,

Common Ground by Lori Lewis
Author Lori Lewis, who serves as Women’s Ministries Director for South Georgia says this book was birthed from a conversation on how Women’s Ministries could better serve ladies. “One observation was the need to connect and minister to our pastors’ wives. Reality is the pastor’s wife stays very busy taking care of others, but who takes care of her? Where does she turn for mentoring, encouragement and companionship? This book is for them.” South Georgia women have written the chapters in this book.

To order or inquire about any of the above resources, please visit or call 800-553-8506.

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