Netflix Loses $41,800 After Threatening to Leave Georgia Over Pro-Life Legislation

Has a mass exodus of Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus already begun? The reaction to a new petition would certainly make it appear that way.

A petition launched yesterday that was only up for mere hours before Netflix alone lost $41,800, with Hulu and Disney Plus suffering another $20,000 in losses. Both numbers represent estimated annual losses based on the “Money lost per month” total on the petition website.

After these streaming giants announced that they would consider pulling investment from the state of Georgia following the passing of a sweeping abortion ban, many pro-lifers have decided to pull the plug on their subscriptions.

Not only has Netflix warned it will look to discontinue funding if the “heartbeat bill” comes into effect next year, but it has also vowed to join forces with the ACLU and mount a legal challenge against the new law.

That declaration has caused many avid Netflix subscribers to cease giving money to an organization that openly and actively supports the aborting of unborn babies.

Indeed, while #BoycottNetflix illustrates the sheer exodus of subscribers from the service, one pro-life advocate has gone a step further by launching a petition which aims to highlight the amount of money these pro-abortion streaming services are losing as a result of their controversial choices. displays one clear heading: “Money Lost Per Month,” before listing various streaming services, including Netflix, who support the proliferation of abortion services.

The idea is to encourage people to cancel their subscription before filling out a form and declaring how much money they will not be spending every month.

“Let’s show the mainstream media and liberal corporations that our dollars matter,” the petition page declares.

So far, the campaign indicates that Netflix is losing $3,500 dollars as a result of the action taken by many to cancel their subscriptions.

The petition was the brainchild of pro-life advocate, Marcus Pittman.

“I started Red Petition because I felt like the conservative voice was not being heard,” he told Faithwire. “It’s one thing to sign a petition and just add your name to a list of other names, but I thought what really needs to happen is for that petition to calculate the value of all the customers who have or will cancel.”

Marcus added that people are increasingly “fed up with liberal media going against their values, and ignoring them,” noting that “what liberal media, and their stockholders can’t ignore is a massive loss of money.”

Pittman said that “over 300 people” have signed up sign up and canceled Netflix in just one day.”

“And that’s just with our soft launch,” he added. “That’s $36,000 a year Netflix has lost just within my close circle of friends.”

Since corresponding with Pittman, the amount has climbed several thousand more.

As the petition gains more momentum, Marcus hopes that Netflix will start to lose “millions” in subscription fees. “It’s one thing to say conservatives have canceled Netflix, it’s another thing altogether to say ‘Conservatives across the country lost Netflix millions of dollars,’” he said.

Pittman told Faithwire that he hoped the Red Petition “encourages conservatives to see that they can do something to fight against these companies who attack their values.”

“We are not helpless, in a business the consumer is the one with all the power,” he added. “I think we’ve forgotten that, and Red Petition is a way to be reminded that conservative values have actual value.”

Right now, the media service could really do without suffering a potential fatal plummeting of subscription numbers. Netflix is facing a deepening pit of debt, as it continues to plow funds into producing original content at a hefty loss.

According to Forbes, the company is expected to generate a “cash loss of $3.5 billion” this year. So, if it cannot drum up new customers, the company will be teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

A lack of new subscribers will be mean it “won’t be able to meet its debt obligations,” Forbes noted, “and it will quickly throw the company into bankruptcy.”

(Source: Charisma News)

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