Why This Film Director Wants to Be in the Tim Tebow Business

“The thing I love about Tim Tebow and the Tebow brand is that his public persona is who he is in private,” Run the Race director Chris Dowling said on a recent episode of “Charisma Connection” on the Charisma Podcast Network. “I think that’s pretty rare nowadays, especially in Hollywood.

By Shawn Akers, Charisma

“Tim is, legitimately, like the best human being in the world. He’s such an amazing guy, and he’s just so genuine. I had an affinity for him because I have a heart for special needs and what he does with the Tim Tebow Foundation.

So, when I got brought on early to rewrite the script, I had producers come up to me and ask, ‘Do you want to be in the Tim Tebow business?’ I said, ‘Absolutely. I wanted to be in the Tim Tebow business.'”

Tebow is the executive producer of Run the Race, working alongside his brother, Robbie. It is the story of two high-school age brothers who, after their mother passed away, were forced to live life on their own after their father abandoned them. It’s a story of sacrifice, redemption and forgiveness within one family.

It is exactly the kind of film Dowling says he expected Tebow to be associated with.

“When I got the call and heard that Tim Tebow is attached to this, and just trusting his brand, I knew it would be exciting,” Dowling says.

Run the Race was released in movie theaters in February and made $6.4 million at the box office. The DVD and Blu-ray release is set for June 18.

(Source: Charisma Media)

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