1800’s Stereographs Reveal Early U.S. Christian Life in 3-D

Over a century ago, 3-D photographs, known as stereographs, were as popular as the internet and smart phones of today.

Invented in the 1850’s, stereographs reached the height of their popularity between 1870 and 1920.

Early American and European view cards focused on various topics, such as travel to exotic, far off lands and historic events.

But there was another area of interest that is not too often heard of: the 3-dimensional stereo photo documentation of our Christian heritage.

It is the goal of the Wonders of the Bible collection to continue to work with, and advance, the 3D-HD digital imaging, storage, and display technologies of these pieces of Christian history in America.

About Wonders of the Bible:
Wonders of the Bible is a private family collection and outreach ministry located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We proclaim Jesus Christ through visual arts, science and communication technologies: past, present and future.

(SOURCE: Wonders of the Bible via Christian Newswire)

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