Christian Girls Lured Intro Trafficking Under Guise of Marrying Wealthy Christian Men

According to a disturbing new report from the Associated Press, Christian girls like 16-year-old Muqadas are being married off to Chinese men who come to Pakistan looking for brides.

Muqadas was lucky enough to return home after five months, but pregnant and seeking a divorce from a husband she says was abusive.

“Poor Pakistani Christian girls are being lured into marriages with Chinese men, whom they are told are Christian and wealthy only to end up trapped in China, married to men who are neither Christian nor well-to-do, and some are unable to return home,” Fox News reports.

Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC), which advocates on behalf of hundreds of millions of Christians facing heavy persecution worldwide, says this trend in Pakistan is growing, and the girls are left very vulnerable.

“There are few, if any, protections for Pakistani Christian girls targeted by traffickers from China,” said Dede Laugesen, executive director of Save the Persecuted Christians. “Christians in Pakistan make up only 2% of the population. They are impoverished and marginalized.

Struggling to survive, Christian families are easy targets for brokers of black-market brides. Pakistan and China must do more to protect these vulnerable girls from being carted away and sold into marriage against their will. Those who have been smuggled to China should be helped to return home.

Fox further reports: “Brokers are aggressively seeking out girls for Chinese men, sometimes even cruising outside churches to ask for potential brides. They are being helped by Christian clerics paid to target impoverished parents in their congregation with promises of wealth in exchange for their daughters.”

Taking advantage of poor and struggling Christian families is common in countries where Christian persecution is carried out.

The Daily Caller added that traffickers have sold up to 1,000 Pakistani girls into sexual slavery thinly veiled as marriage since October 2018.

(Source: Charisma News)

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