Hill Releases ‘Melting the Icebergs’

Church of God General Overseer Timothy M. Hill has released his latest entry into the “Let’s Talk About It” series. Added last month, the subject is titled, “Financing A Culture or Funding A Vision – The Courage to Melt the Iceberg.” The post, first released on Church of God social media, addressed the tough topics of the tithe of tithes reduction process, tithe reallocation, and “defunding a managerial culture.”

In the article, Hill is transparent about financial realignment, referring to the 2010-2014 process of tithe reduction when churches incrementally reduced the amount of local dollars allocated to the state and international offices. While the churches reduced a fraction of a percent each year, the income to the denominational offices and therefore the annual budgets were greatly impacted.

“I believe that with this decision, the General Assembly was essentially calling for greater commitment to Kingdom consciousness and Great Commission alignment and that we prove it manifesting by a focused purpose of all church resources,” Hill stated. “In essence, I personally believe a vote was taken and the measure passed to change the way things are done.”

In referring to the core of the subject, Hill used the illustration of an iceberg.

“When attempting to address and change a culture, keep in mind the size and power of an iceberg,” Hill said. “It is easy to change visible artifacts, but doing so won’t automatically change expectations or underlying assumptions. In fact, because organizational culture can be so resilient, true change can take years, depending on the size and age of the organization, its structure, and the nature of the organizational systemic nuances. Understanding and managing organizational culture is no easy task, but if we want to be effective in ministry, the hard work will be well worth the effort.”

Last month a new website www.letstalkaboutitbytimhill.com was launched that houses all 23 of the subjects Hill has written about, blogged, or released via social media. Topics include contemporary issues which have arisen in the Church of God movement and includes subjects and questions the general overseer takes on that have perhaps “lingered” for quite some time. The latest entry can be read in its entirety by visiting the site, which can also be accessed by visiting the Church of God website and clicking on the RESOURCES tab. The first topic addressed Church Planting and was released in July 2017.


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