Launches Small Group Leaders Guide to Memorizing Scripture

Memorizing Bible verses and attending small group study are two of the top eight predictors of biblical engagement, according to Lifeway Research.—the leading app and online portal for Scripture memorization—marries the two with the launch of its Small Group Leaders Guide for memorizing Scripture.

Available for free at, the guide provides step-by-step instructions for starting and leading a small-group study program dedicated to memorizing and mastering Bible verses. The four-week program begins with Psalm 1, which fittingly talks about how memorizing and meditating on Scripture leads to a blessed and prosperous life. Employing traditional and digital memory-enhancing methods, learning Scripture by heart is made easier than ever for participants of any age.

Alternatively, leaders can integrate verses of a particular topic into existing small groups to improve learning and aid participants in applying God’s Word in their daily lives. For example, a group focused on marriage could devote time to memorizing verses about love, fidelity, trust and family.’s topical verse library contains thousands of verses aggregated around more than 50 themes, such as Comfort in Sorrow, Healing, Financial Provision, Work, Forgiveness, Relationships, and Times of Trouble. Instruction for leading an online-only Bible Memory group is also available at the website.

(SOURCE: via Christian Newswire)

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