Christian Family Resists Being Marked by the Beast in ‘Dragon Faith Evil Serpent’

A Christian Family prepares for an upcoming thanksgiving fest. The Sandy family is strong and full of goodness, however, evil lurks. They are being watched by the authorities. Pennsylvania Governor Russell has just pushed through a new sinister law of the land. All humans must be microchipped in their right hand (Rev. 13:17) to purchase goods. Law enforcement officers have been trained to take in multitudes under this law. Young Elroy Sandy (Bound for Wheaton College) his sister Bria and their parents renew their faith as a neighbor’s heart attack sets up strange events on Greene street.

Governor Russell uses his bully pulpit to first experiment on homeless people (Operation Bio Seventy) who must be microchipped. Cash registers around the state are being exchanged for the RFID reader chip placed in ones hand. The word of God in Revelation stands before the Sandy’s. They enjoy thanksgiving dinner before being seized by law enforcement. They must conform to the new marking. Reverend Brown helps young Elroy restore his families dedication to the Lord. They now are ready to look the beast in the eye and say no!

(SOURCE: UnHeard of Productions via Christian Newswire)

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