Breaking Free from Religious Tradition and Legalism

Are you stuck in the bondage of religious tradition and legalism? It’s time to get unstuck and be free! In Donald Spellman’s latest book “Freedom from Spiritual Bondage” you’ll learn the importance of “standing fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free.” (see Gal. 5:1)

Spellman writes “there are multitudes of well-meaning believers in Christ who have a distorted assessment of God the Father. Instead of knowing Him as a loving, holy, righteous and compassionate Father, they see Him as a tyrant who enforces manmade religious rules, their denominational agendas, and who is not concerned about their spiritual or physical wellbeing.

“Unfortunately, this has led them to think, feel and act like slaves. This incorrect and misguided belief owes in part to wrong traditional mindsets and incorrect teaching and doctrines. What’s more, it has caused many to be deprived of or forfeit their liberty and spiritual inheritance in Christ Jesus.”

Dr. James Brewton of South Carolina writes “Freedom from Spiritual Bondage not only exposes religious tradition and legalism for what it is; but it also offers the antithesis to spiritual bondage—the grace of the Lord Jesus in its place, backed by Scriptural context.”

Dr. Bruce Cook of the Seattle, Washington area writes, “The effects of the religious spirit are sneaky, subtle, pernicious and insidious at times, and epidemic in proportion, affecting millions of unsuspecting souls who are often unaware of this due to religious conditioning, social custom, family heritage, faulty teaching, ancestral bloodline issues, and/or distorted lenses and filters concerning the Scriptures…..Apostle Donald Spellman has done the body of Christ and the kingdom of God a great service in writing this much-needed, revelatory book, which has the potential to help multiple millions of saints globally to make the transition from religion to relationship, from slavery to freedom, and from orphans to sons spiritually speaking.”

With a focus on winning souls for the kingdom of God, Apostle Donald Spellman ministers healing and restoration—spiritually, physically, and emotionally—to the body of Christ. A pastor with military and civil service, together with his wife and co-founder of Living Word of Grace Ministries, they lead an apostolic ministry team and host a regular radio broadcast.

You can purchase “Freedom from Spiritual Bondage” through the author’s website at or for more information email [email protected]

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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