Dorothy Jennings Roberson Celebrates 100th Birthday

Dorothy Jennings Roberson, a former director of Ladies Ministries and one of the Church of God’s most influential women’s leaders, reached the milestone of her 100th birthday on March 25.

Upon her marriage to Rev. S.E. Jennings in 1938, she served as a faithful minister’s wife, regularly teaching Sunday School, playing the piano, and directing state ladies’ ministries programs in Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and at the Faith Temple in Nassau, Bahamas. S.E. and Dorothy Jennings also served at the National (Washington, D.C.) and North Cleveland Churches of God. From 1982-1988 she was Executive Director of Ladies Ministries for the denomination.

Dorothy Jennings Roberson, seated center, was joined by her husband Marshall Roberson, 97, and other family at her 100th birthday celebration.

Several years after her husband’s death, she married Marshall Roberson and they continued in ministry together. They regularly visited nursing homes well into their late eighties and even nineties, where they sang and preached, often ministering to those younger than themselves. They continued to be active and faithful members of the North Cleveland Church of God.

Paula Hill, director of Church of God Women’s Ministries stated that Dorothy Jennings Roberson is, “a modern-day pioneer for women’s ministries in the Church of God. Sister Dorothy has always been a symbol of elegance and respected leadership, and set the bar high for all of us to follow. To make it to her 100th birthday is a testament to her vitality and passion for life and ministering to all generations of both men and women.”

General Overseer Tim Hill stated, “Dorothy Roberson’s life example is one to be admired at the highest level. Her ministry and leadership in the Church of God is to be commended and modeled for future leaders of the Jeremiah Generation and beyond.”

Granddaughter Tanya Rose Wriston stated, “I’m grateful for the heritage I’ve been given through godly parents and grandparents. Of all the gifts my grandmother has given me, I am most appreciative of her countless prayers. Only eternity will reveal what the prayers of those before us have accomplished.”

The milestone was celebrated earlier this week with family and friends.

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