Leading a Church to Growth and Vitality

If ever there were a time when church renewal was needed, it is now! There are no quick-fix gimmicks to spur a declining church back to growth. However, through fervent prayer and practice, David F. Nixon learned skills during his own experiences that he writes about in the new book “It Only Takes A Spark: Leading Your Church to Growth and Vitality.” This book will empower pastors on their journey to lead a struggling church back to vibrancy after major decline, crisis, or plateau.

Troubled companies facing insolvency turn to “Turnaround Management” for analysis and planning that leads to corporate renewal. This book illustrates how pastors can turn to the God of miracles who is able to reverse a rapid decline and a rebound to health and viability. God is the Ultimate Turnaround Specialist, and He happens to call some pastors to become “Turnaround Church Managers.”

“You will find this book to be one of the most practical, valuable, straightforward books you will ever read as a pastor on church vitality. It will surface both the problems you face and the promise you may not have seen in the congregation you serve,” endorses P. Douglas Small, president of Project Pray.

The book is a wonderful mixture of stories and principles. You will be encouraged by David’s own accounts of facing failure and seeing God intervene. You will be moved to greater faithfulness and confidence. You will not find hype here. Here, David grapples with real church issues and shows you a path God revealed to him that will be helpful to you.

David F. Nixon is District Superintendent Emeritus for the Southern Florida District of the Church of the Nazarene.


(SOURCE: Project Pray via Christian Newswire)

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