Summer Campmeeting Schedule Released

The official schedule of the annual summertime Church of God tradition of campmeeting has been released by the International Executive Committee.

Sate and regional meetings will take place, including gatherings in Canadian and Hispanic regions. The meetings begin as early as the last week of April and conclude with the second week of July. Length of the meetings vary from three to six days and several include multiple sites. Traditional format is for a morning Bible speaker and a single night speaker, however, many campmeetings of the last several years have invited multiple speakers for both the morning and evening services.

Campmeeting is a tradition which has been in place for nearly the entire 133-year history of the Church of God. For decades families have planned vacations around attending the meeting in their state or region.

During campmeeting week, state and regional offices often conduct business by holding state council sessions, staging missions and youth events, and recognizing state leaders. This is also a venue to recognize newly-certified ministers with the latest rank earned.

To access the complete campmeeting schedule, visit and click on the campmeeting graphic.

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