‘Christian Internet:’ ‘One of the Greatest Works of God’

The new USA.Life “Christian Internet” helps Christians and churches “share the Gospel without censorship.” USA.Life social network “replaces Facebook” and is “one of the greatest works of God, because it opens doors for teaching the Word of God,” said Steven Andrew. He is the Christian Silicon Valley technology leader and pastor in charge of the effort.

Why is a Christian Internet needed? “Christians and conservatives are tired of falsely being called ‘haters’ by Facebook and Twitter for following the teachings of Jesus Christ,” Andrew said.

Andrew built USA.Life to end the persecution of Christians and to bring revival to the nation. It is not a Christian only site, but is for all who love America.

Andrew believes Facebook’s censorship of Christians could be billions of messages. “On my account alone, Facebook data reveals they block 5 million people per month from my reach. That is over 120 million messages censored the last two and half years.” If you multiply this by how many other Christians are being censored, the number is billions of blocked Christian messages.

“Christians, churches and America need the hope of Jesus Christ – not the Gospel censored,” he said.

“USA.Life allows users to freely quote the Bible without fear, like the founding fathers established. You can share the Bible teaches Jesus Christ is the only way to God not Buddha or Mohamed, and that homosexuality is sinful,” Andrew said. “Following God is not hate speech, but is God’s love and truth.”

“If you want to go from censorship to true American freedom, then USA.Life is for you,” he said.

“Christians and ministries are likely to see an increase in traffic,” Andrew said. One Like at USA.Life may equal one hundred Like’s at Facebook and Twitter, because USA.Life doesn’t shadowban Christians.

To freely share the Gospel, it is important for “individuals and churches to sign up today” to “build the community to millions of people.” Free accounts are available at www.USA.Life.

“USA.Life social network is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty,” says CEO Steven Andrew.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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