Calls Flood Satanic ‘Prayer Line’ Set Up as a Joke

A Satanic prayer hotline that was originally launched as a joke has been flooded with genuine calls from people in need. The Satanic Missionary Society reportedly modeled the hotline on the many Christian phone-ins that are available, whereby people leave voicemails requesting prayer for certain things in their lives.

However, according to a radio episode of NPR’s “This American Life,” the man behind this bizarre operation does not believe in God, or even Satan, for that matter. Chris Allert was simply frustrated by Christians who he says constantly attempted to evangelize him, so he decided to set up a prank Satanic phone line to see who, if anyone, would ring in. Almost immediately, however, he started fielding a huge number of calls.

The messages, many of them quite bizarre, often ended with the ominous words, “Hail Satan.” With the caller’s permission, the contents of the messages are then posted to a public forum so others can present the requests to the devil.

(Source: Faithwire via Charisma Media)

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