Website Launched for Global Ministry Forums

A new website has been launched with information on the upcoming Global Ministry Forums, which begin next month. The site is and contains dates, an agenda, venue addresses, directions, and other pertinent information.

In response to action taken at the 2018 Church of God International Assembly last summer, the Church of God will be conducting a series of Global Ministry Forums. Fifteen will take place in the United States, and eight at locations around the globe, including the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Central America and the Philippines.

The purpose for the forums is detailed in the official measure passed at the General Assembly on August 3, 2018 which states:

That open Ministry Forums be conducted globally to provide opportunity for deliberate and meaningful discussion, dialogue, questions/answers and time for spiritual insight regarding the importance and understanding of ministry ranks, qualifications, and women in leadership positions with attention upon the meaning and usage of the title “bishop.” Following the forums, appropriate motion(s) be formulated by the International Executive Council specifically addressing the stated issues and brought to the 2020 International General Council.

“These forums have been designed to be informative and challenging and we need everyone’s input as we move into a new decade,” stated Church of God General Overseer Dr. Timothy M. Hill. Hill went on to explain that the forums are for ministers and laypersons and will offer a glimpse into where the potential lies for the future of the Church of God headed into the 2020s and beyond.

One of the most important aspects of the site is the Forums Survey, which everyone is encouraged to either peruse or complete on-line prior to attending. This survey is for everyone – ministers and laypersons – and may be completed whether or not a person will attend one of the forums. On-site completion of the survey will also be available at each location.

“Information gathering and input are critical components of the forums,” Hill stated. “I hope everyone interested in the process – especially if you are a member of the Church of God — will make participation in this process a priority.”

The first forum is set to take place on February 7, 2019 at the Living Waters Church in Fountain Valley, California. Although dates and locations have been confirmed, they are subject to change. Addresses and other contact information for each location is listed on the site, and will reflect any changes should they arise.

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