‘The Living Spring’ Chronicles Author’s Spiritual Awakening

‘The Living Spring’ takes readers on a journey from the United States to Ireland, as the author discovers the hidden living spring of life. From his Christian faith to his views on the future of American democracy, this life-changing journey gave Mitchell new wisdom on all facets of life. Now, in a reflective memoir, he shares all he learned.


Phil Mitchell travels to Ireland and discovers the hidden living spring of life. The book is full of quotes and reflections as he reflects on his heritage. Phil explorers his Christian faith with new meaning and what America should be going forward. Teaching in a school, being a composer, making a pilgrimage, and meeting people in everyday life. All these things add to his journey.

“I really can’t put into words how much this pilgrimage opened my eyes up to who I really was and how I really wanted to live,” explains the author. “With renewed faith and understanding, it allowed me to rediscover life in an enriching and prosperous way. I hope sharing this journey will inspire others to consider doing something similar.”

Continuing, “It’s a classic story that will reach out to all readers, no matter their background, and help them recognize that life is far from random. It’s a journey where we’re all asked to serve, and therefore we have a responsibility to live to this purpose.”


(Source: Christian Newswire)

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