Evangelists in Session at International Offices

Cleveland, TN–A group of Church of God evangelists are gathering for a two-day session at the International Offices. The delegation of approximately 35 are participating in informal meetings with members of the Executive Committee and church leaders.

The delegation includes a cross-section of men and women who are full time evangelists in the Church of God. Within the group are representatives of several generations, including H.B. Ratchford, 84, a former state overseer and leader at the International Offices.

The evangelists in attendance met a certain set of criteria, including a ministry designation as full time evangelist with at least 100 sermons preached in the last year. All attendees also reported regularly to the state and international offices. A letter was sent, as well as an opportunity to respond to an online invitation at the website of Mission North America.

Evagelists join with General Overseer Tim Hill (left) and members of the Executive Committee in praying over requests received during Agree ’19 (click photo to enlarge)

The dates of the event intentionally corresponded with Agree ’19, the three-day prayer convocation at the International Offices. Hill has called extensively on the evangelists to assist in prayer activities during the morning and evening sessions. Agree concludes on January 9.

In an opening statement to the gathering, General Overseer Tim Hill called the evangelists, the “front line” of information and message delivery in the Church of God. It is the intention of the Church of God to equip these leaders with as much information about programs, mission, and vision of the Church of God. As part of the package for the evangelists in attendance, Hill, the Executive Committee, and the leadership of Mission North America offered several resources. A fully-stocked tote filled with an assortment of books, worship CDs and other amenities was distributed during the Tuesday session. Each member of the Executive Committee took time to share their ministry portfolios. Hill reported on the progress of the FINISH Commitment and explained portions of his vision for the upcoming decade. Also as part of the package, each evangelist was granted a photo shoot and the opportunity to record a three-minute video of their personal ministry, which will be produced by Church of God Communications and downloaded to them in the near future.

The staff of Mission North America coordinated the evangelist gathering. The ministry is led by Second Assistant General Overseer J. David Stephens. Logistics of the meeting were coordinated by Les Higgins, executive administrator for USA Missions and Veva Rose, executive assistant for J. David Stephens.

“The evangelist has played such a vital role throughout the 133-year history of the Church of God,” Stephens stated. “Their ministry is as pertinent today as ever and this gathering is a small way to affirm their calling. They are a critical piece of the pathway toward finishing the Great Commission!”

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