Adult Discipleship Offers Resources for Declaration of Faith Sunday

January 6, the first Sunday of 2019, has been declared “Declaration of Faith Sunday” in the Church of God by General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.

In addition to highlighting the document in services this weekend, Church of God pastors across the denomination are encouraged to place a fresh emphasis on the Declaration of Faith beyond January 6, 2019. Church of God Adult Discipleship is providing extensive small group/class resources including the new “Living What We Believe” six-volume discipleship series.

“’Distinctly Pentecostal, Living What We Believe’ covers all 14 statements of the Declaration of Faith doctrinally, spiritually, and practically, thus turning our Pentecostal doctrine into Pentecostal discipleship,” said Wayne Brewer, director of Adult Discipleship.

The series, which provides six-months of discipleship material, includes Volume 1—A Believing People, Volume 2—A Saved People, Volume 3—A Sanctified People, Volume 4—A Spirit-Baptized People, Volume 5—A Healed People and Volume 6—An Expectant People.

Nurturing and practical in style, the “Living What We Believe” series has been described by General Overseer Hill as “a stellar achievement…up-to-date…relational study material for the individual as well as small groups… I highly recommend it.”

“Living What We Believe” is available from Church of God Adult Discipleship. To learn more details about the “Living What We Believe” set and hear the in-depth interview, please visit or call 888.766.9009.

First adopted in 1948, the Declaration of Faith of the Church of God contains 14 doctrinal statements of faith. It is considered the “official expression of Church of God belief.” According to General Overseer Timothy Hill, the 281-word document “affirms the foremost beliefs of our church and is a basic key for understanding the bedrock doctrinal convictions of the Bible.”

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