Celebrates Christmas with Annie Moses Band

PBS sensation and Emmy-nominated, award-winning folk group, Annie Moses Band, known for its fiery string playing and soulful renditions of beloved American songs, is bringing its popular Christmas special, Christmas with the Annie Moses Band to

“Our holiday tour is one of the most special times of the year for us,” says Annie Dupre, Annie Moses Band founder, lead vocalist and violinist. “We look forward to spending this season with friends and family — and the wonderful opportunity to share our music and a message of faith, beauty and excitement that we hope will inspire audiences all year long.”

A perennial holiday favorite with audiences across the country, Christmas with the Annie Moses Band features music for all times: From spirited renditions of “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen,” “Deck the Halls” and “The Sussex Carol” to the breathtaking beauty of “O Holy Night,” Annie Moses Band invites fans to share in special Christmas event of music meant to be invigorating, reverential and transporting.

“This is so exciting to be able to air this amazing special with Annie Moses, the family and the incredible band. Our friends at Cornerstone television did a great job producing the special and we get to enjoy the season even more because of their work,” said Ossie Mills, President and CEO of tvChaz. “We have gone to great lengths to make this special event available to everyone at a low price of $1.99, online, on demand, without commercial interuption.”

“Families, couples and people of all ages will relish the beauty of this enduring music infused with the instrumental sparkle that makes the Annie Moses Band experience so unforgettable,” says Annie Moses Band Founder Robin Wolaver. “Christmas with the Annie Moses Band is the perfect way to spend your holiday evening and enjoy a time of enlivening, enrapturing Christmas music!” streams Conferences from around the world, carrying TV channels (like CBN News, Inspiration Network, Cornerstone, GodTv, Its Supernatural Network, Christian Television Network, to name a few), and selective short form content such as Bible Shorts. Premium content options include on demand pay per view concerts, conferences and special events. In the future there will radio and audio streams with opportunities for users to purchase Christian resources; books, Bibles, curriculum and specialty items.
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