Christ’s Birthday Offering Benefits Needy

Over the years, Church of God World Missions’ Christ Birthday Offering has provided shelter and restoration, medical intervention, nourishment, and support for people all over the globe who have faced crisis. Many time crises come swiftly and without warning, leaving a wake of devastation and pain for those in its path. That has certainly been the case in 2018.

“It (Christ’s Birthday offering) reminds our families that a simple gift can help others to see Him at work in their lives,” said David Griffis, general director of World Missions. “It teaches us to value every person as He does, giving without the expectation of a gift in return.”

This year donated funds will provide clean water, shelter, medical assistance, and food supplies in such places as those required from the flooding in Sri Lanka and Nepal and hurricane destruction in the Philippines and Mexico.

The effects of Christ Birthday Offering go far beyond this season alone. The benefits of these gifts are felt all year long.

“God’s provision to these people comes through you and your family,” Griffis continued. “You may not literally see the person whom your gift will help, but you will long experience the blessing of Christ from your family’s action of worship and reverence.”

How will you and your family show love and honor for the gift of God’s only Son during the Christmas season? Church of God World Missions asks you to consider taking time together to pray for the hurting and give an offering through World Missions of $20.18 or more.

Christ’s Birthday Offering can be given throughout the season of Christmas by logging on to When donating, please refer to Project #020-0803.

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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