Rosson Appointed Interim VP of ETS

Regional superintendent for the Church of God of Eastern Europe and the CIS and president of CIS/ETS Moscow, Tom Rosson, has received an extra appointment—interim vice-president of the European Theological Seminary in Germany.

This is the same school where Tom and his wife Claudia began their missions ministry 20 years ago when it was named European Bible Seminary. Due to the departure of the previous president earlier this year, Field Director Dr. Stephen Darnell will serve as president while Rosson will serve as assistant in the interim.

The present semester shows 28 students in the full-time undergraduate program. Fifteen students are in the masters’ programs (intensive course driven) and more in its extensions around Europe.

Rosson also leads the seminary in Moscow, Russia (Eurasian Theological Seminary-Moscow), which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and has an enrollment of approximately 1,200 students in one of its various programs, which include residential, online, and extensions.

“The Lord has truly blessed the World Missions educational aspect in this area of the world,” Darnell stated. “Our prayer is for the seminary (ETS) to find a long-term solution.”
When supporting ETS though giving, please refer to World Missions Project #061-0004.

(Source: Church of God world Missions)

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