Care Ministries Reports on Disaster Relief

Church of God Care Ministries Division Executive Administrator Mitchell Corder recently reported on natural disasters and relief supplied through Church of God-related minsitries, including Men and Women of Action, God’s Pit Crew and Operation Compassion.

“Nature surprised many in 2018, delivering unprecedented destruction and disruption to the lives of many,” Corder stated. “On June 3, more than 100 Guatemalan lives were lost and homes were destroyed as Volcán de Fuego (Spanish for Volcano of Fire) erupted with lahars, pyroclastic flows, and clouds of volcanic ash leaving almost no time for evacuation.”

“On August 31,” Corder continued, “North and South Carolina were battered by what was called the ‘storm of a lifetime’ when Hurricane Florence touched their shores. Flooding claimed 31 lives and caused over $22 billion in damage.”

“Finally,” he concluded, “on October 16, Florida and Georgia were surprised as Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle and Georgia as one of the strongest storms in the nation’s history.”

Corder went on to report figures supplied by Operation Compassion, an independent benevolent organization with roots in the Church of God. In all three disasters, multiple truckloads (containers) were dispatched to the locations, including 40 at 18 locations in response to Florence, 23 containers in Guatemala, and 20 containers in nine locations for Hurricane Michael. In addition, on-site labor was provided in supplying thousands of hot meals, providing emergency supplies and logistical support.

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