Longest Married Couple Project Sets New Dates

The ninth annual WWME Longest Married Couple Project (LMC) has established new dates for the 2019 program, as well as future yearly projects, it was announced today by the co-chairs of the annual project.

“After much thought and research, it has been decided that starting with the 2019 LMC project we will accept nominations beginning Feb. 14 of next year and ending on May 14, 2019. The awards to the national and state winners will be presented in June 2019, which is also known as National Marriage Month,” said Dick & Diane Baumbach and Bryan & Karen Berland, United States Co-Chairs of the LMC project.

The co-chairs said that after eight years of a very successful program, which has received thousands of nominations recognizing couples with long marriages as well as extensive national and international news media coverage, it was determined that it would be better for family and friends of the national and state winners to avoid traveling in winter months, as well as during the flu season, and that the June marriage month provides the perfect time to honor the winning couples.

The first national winners for the project, which started in 2011, were Marshall & Winnie Kuykendall from Lordsburg, New Mexico who were honored for 82 years of marriage, while in 2012 Wilbur & Theresa Faiss of Las Vegas, Nevada were honored for 78 years of marriage. In 2013 John & Ann Betar of Fairfield, CT were honored for 80 years of marriage. In 2014 Harold & Edna Owings of Burbank, CA were recognized for their 82 years of marriage, while in 2015 Dale & Alice Rockey of Olathe, KS were saluted for their 81 years of marriage, In 2016 Maury & Helen Goosenberg of Carlsbad, CA were named the national winners with 80 years of married life, while in 2017 Horace Allen and Beatrice Ricks of Callahan, FL were recognized for 81 years of marriage. This year the 2018 winners were Mota & Avanelle Young from Bowling Green, KY. They were married over 81 years.

The state winners will also be recognized for their longest marriages in the June time frame by Worldwide Marriage Encounter couples from their states. Winners of the LMC project are selected solely from nominations submitted.

An Alumni Group has been established for previous national and state winners. Previous state winners can vie for the national title, but they also are considered members of the alumni of longest married couples in their individual states. This allows for new couples to be recognized for both state and national recognition. “It has been such a joy and inspiration to recognize a husband and wife, both nationally and statewide, who have been married for many, many years,” the coordinators explained.

The 2019 national winners will be formally recognized in person by WWME’s United States Leadership/Ecclesial Team. They will present the winning couple special gifts at a ceremony to be held at the winner’s location in the June time frame. The state winners will also receive personal recognition and a special certificate of achievement from the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement.

Nominations, which are open to all husband and wife couples regardless of religious affiliation, may be submitted by email, regular mail or by calling a special phone number. Nomination information will be released at the beginning of next year.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has been offering weekend experiences for over 50 years and is considered the original faith-based marriage enrichment program.

(Source; Christian Newswire)

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