Task Forces Gather at International Offices

Task forces on a number of topics met on Thursday, September 27 at the Church of God International Offices. Appointed by General Overseer Tim Hill, the task forces are primarily chaired by members of the International Executive Council which completed their September session this week.

The groups include subjects and items that were referred for further study at the recent General Assembly held earlier this year. The Thursday meetings were the first of each and included mostly members who were in Cleveland. All groups are tasked with completing their assignments in time for possible inclusion in the General Council agenda at the 2020 General Assembly.

The Task Force on Visional Actualization is chaired by Sean O’Neal and charged to reimagine, retool, and revise methods, strategies, and programs to be effective, efficient, and relevant. An additional task includes exploring a possible scholarship fund for Lee University and Pentecostal Theological Seminary students who pledge to serve as pastors or church planters in the Western USA and other areas of the United States.

Gary Lewis is heading the Task Force on Structural Acclimation. The overview is “to refocus, retool, and recalibrate our internal structure and delivery system to accelerate our harvest goals.” An additional task of this group is to review the election and appointment process, including reflection of multicultural diversity.

The task force on Ministerial Activation is chaired by Bryan Cutshall. Their primary task is to assure that Church of God ministers are prepared academically, emotionally, and professionally to adequately tend to the needs of our constituency and finish the Great Commission. This group’s additional task is to review the process and procedures of pastoral appointments and evaluation.

A Generational Assimilation Task Force is chaired by Tom Madden. This group will seek to provide opportunities for upward mobility of potential leaders at all levels of ministry; assimilate all generations into a dynamic, Spirit-empowered force to go into the harvest and FINISH the Great Commission; and review ways for greater cooperation in ministry by both older and younger generations.

The Spiritual Acceleration and Core Values Task Force (Commitment to our Mission and Vision/Doctrinal Affirmation) is headed by Mark Williams . This task force will study ways to “renew our commitment to our Mission and Vision Statement, seek to implement ways and means to foster renewed dedication and commitment to the core values of the Church of God, and that we reaffirm our commitment to our core beliefs and values.”

Actualization of a Global Context of Ministry for the Church of God is the assignment for a task force chaired by Director of Church of God World Missions David Griffis. This was a referred item from the General Assembly.

Tenure of Youth and Discipleship Directors is another referred item. Terry Hart is chair of the group tasked with reviewing suggestions about maximum length of service for state Youth and Discipleship directors in the Church of God.

Another referred item was a task force on a Study Series for Kids and Students. Chairman Tony Lane will lead a review of partnership opportunities between the Youth and Discipleship department, Lee University, and the Pentecostal Theological Seminary concerning the development of kids and student study series for kids church and student worship.

A final referred item with a task force to research it will address International Executive Council Bylaw Issues. It is chaired by Mike Baker and will review issues presented at the 2018 General Assembly that impacts or possibly changes the Bylaws of the Church of God.

Finally, Gerald McGinnis is chairing a task force on the Aging of Ministry. The group will seek to provide meaningful recognition and affirmation of aging ministers.

Full Task Force gatherings are scheduled to take place in January 2019.

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