Black Ministries Recognizes Honorees

Church of God Black Ministries held a recognition luncheon on Thursday, August 2, 2018 as part of the activities during the recent Church of God International General Assembly in Orlando.

Director of Black Ministries Bishop Doyle Scott stated, “the legacy tapestry for Church of God Black Ministries is comprised of unique, committed, ministerial spirits from across the United States, Canada and abroad. These individuals will forever be etched in our hearts and minds whenever we reflect on milestones achieved by black ministries over the years. In recognition of these namesakes and their noteworthy servant leadership, the International Church of God Black Ministries Department, on August 2, 2018, at its Gathering of Cultures Awards Luncheon, honored men and women of ministry who exemplify faithful servitude and who have sown seeds of salvation and hope for many. As did those who came before them, these honorees who are community ministry leaders, have each spread the message of salvation and blazed pathways to good works serving to elevate the Kingdom by contributing to the ultimate fulfillment of the Great Commission.”

Awards presented during the luncheon included:

Community Leader Awards
Legacy Leader Community Award – Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins
Legacy Leader Community Award – Rev. Gary Johnson

Legacy Awards
Dr. Honore A. Jacques Extraordinary Servant Award – Bishop D. Kyei-Poakwa
Dr. Peter C. Barrett Innovation Award – Bishop G.E. Hutchinson
Bishop Calvin C. Daniels Humble Groundbreaker Award – Bishop Hugh Bair
Bishop W. A. Blair Noble Award – Rev. Reather Campbell
Dr. Ruth Adams Pioneer Award – Bishop Quan Miller
Dr. Martin Mutyebele Global Kingdom Builder Award – Bishop Stafford Peterson
Dr. Marion Spellman Inspiration of Hope Award – Bishop Jonathan Ramsey
Dr. Wallace J. Sibley Distinguished Award – Bishop Lennox Walker
Dr. Wallace J. Sibley Distinguished Award – Dr. Angel Marciel
Bishop H.G. Poitier Trailblazer Award – Bishop Hugh Nelson.

(Source: General Assembly TODAY)

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