World Missions Announces Three New Cities

During the traditional Thursday night World Missions service of the 77th International General Assembly last week, International Director of Church of God World Missions Dr. David Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes announced the addition of three new cities to its Send the Light to the Cities project.

By Janet Price

Send the Light to the Cities began as a vision of Griffis. Eleven tactical cities were selected as a FINISH strategy for the Great Commission. To effectively evangelize the world, the impetus must be directed to where the people are—in large metropolitan areas.

The primary goals of the World Missions project are to evangelize the cities, plant churches, provide an evangelism and training center in each and then, like the Good Samaritan, stay alongside them until they are able to sustain their own commitment to FINISH the Great Commission.

God has led the initial directive from the onset, and today great success has been achieved in many of the original SL2C around the world.

The three new cities announced on Thursday evening include Edinburgh, Scotland, Tokyo, Japan, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bringing the “light” to these cities will be accomplished first by deliberate prayer, and then through providing a HUB Center, which will serve as a church, a training center, and a church planting base.

A portion of the SL2C initiative focuses on Acts 10:34b, which states, “God … accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right.”

“World Missions relies on its faithful partners to increase the vision of SL2C,” Griffis stated. “Discipleship training is key to fulfilling God’s command. People from every nation who fear him and will do what is right is God’s purpose. Our responsibility is to present a way for disciples to follow His leading and share the Gospel with all who need to hear.”

“We are enthused and grateful for the opportunity to extend the Send the Light project emphasis to these added dynamic cities of enhanced populations,” Griffis concluded. “God is in the soul-saving business and we want to be a part of this exceptional time in spiritual history in the FINISH aspect of the Great Commission!”

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