The Power of Family Secrets, Truth, and Forgiveness

A new women’s contemporary fiction release explores family secrets that lead to guilt and isolation and the beauty of new beginnings. Katherine Scott Jones in Shadow Sister (Redemption Press) writes of love and betrayal, and the power of truth.

Working on her father’s vineyard allows Sarah Lanning to bury memories of a lost love and a career that might have been. But when her fractured family receives word that Jenna, her estranged sister, is dead, Sarah travels to Bolivia to scatter her ashes, accompanied by pilot Chase Maddox.

Sarah’s journey to the Andes tests her devotion to home and exposes Jenna’s secret life. Each staggering discovery creates new mysteries–until the last, which leaves Sarah questioning everything she understood about family loyalty. At a crossroads, she must decide whether truth is worth the cost of forgiveness–and whether she can lay claim to a future of happiness without it.

Katherine Scott Jones, a Northwest freelance writer-turned-novelist, says, “I wanted to explore how the wrong kinds of secrets can destroy relationships, especially within a family, and how truth and forgiveness can forge healing in relationships seemingly broken beyond redemption.”

Paula Scott, author of The Mother Keeper, says the book is “a twisting tale of love and betrayal that ends in new beginnings. Shadow Sister does not disappoint, satisfying not only the intellect, but the soul as well. Delving deep into issues that cripple families and developing countries, Katherine Scott Jones pours God’s grace into the nooks and crannies, and then wraps it up in a blanket of forgiveness that warms the reader’s heart.”

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(Source: Christian Newswire)

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