GA18 Appointments, Resources Released

With the conclusion of the 77th Church of God International General Assembly last Friday night, changes have been made to the Assembly website to reflect available resources and follow up items.

For the last several years, a dedicated website has been established to provide information and content for all aspects of the General Assembly. This year, has been the “go-to” website and will continue to be populated with resources following the official closure of the event.

While the website can be accessed directly, it will also continue to have a presence on the primary denominational website, Simply click on the General Assembly graphic.

Launched in January of this year, the site initially contained ust a link to event registration and hotel accommodation information, the two most vital aspects of a successful Assembly experience for delegates. The site was fully launched a few months later as pieces of the General Assembly began to be released.

Although the 2018 Assembly is over, several important items remain. Under the GA18 News tab are more than two dozen Assembly-related articles that have appeared on As follow-up press releases are written they will populate to this link.

Next to the news tab is a link to the five issues of General Assembly TODAY, the official daily publication of the Assembly. The PDF documents are the exact issues distributed each morning between July 30 – August 3.

A new tab has been added, “Items Adopted,” which lists the final items of business that passed in the Friday afternoon, August 3 session of the General Assembly. Also included are the resolutions that passed the body.

For those unable to attend the General Assembly in person, the DVD Sales button is available to obtain DVD copies of the evening services, women’s Faith*Fire*Freedom event, the Monday LEAD conference and the three Special Order of the Day presentations.

Upon the official close of the 77th International General Assembly on Friday night, the printed publication of Elections and Appointments was distributed. Release of the document on followed shortly thereafter and is available for viewing. Any changes or variations to this document will be posted under the Elections and Appointments tab, with a major update to take place on Monday, August 20, 2018, adding boards and committees not finalized last week.

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