Brooks Elected Cleveland City Mayor

Cleveland, TN–Kevin Brooks, Coordinator of Public Relations and Agent of Record for the Church of God International Offices, won the race for mayor of the City of Cleveland, Tennessee, the headquarters city for the International Offices, Lee University, Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and Pathway Publishing.

Brooks, an ordained bishop in the Church of God and an alumnus of Lee University, handily defeated his opponent Duane Schriver on Thursday, August 2, by a 63 – 36% margin. Since 2006, Brooks has served as state representative for the 24th district, but decided to run for mayor following the announcement of 27-year Mayor Tom Rowland not to seek re-election.

Like serving in the legislature, the post of Cleveland City Mayor is a part-time position, so Brooks will continue to be employed by the International Offices.

Kevin Brooks is joined by his wife, Kim, second from right, their son Zack and daughter Elizabeth (click photo to enlarge)

According to an article published in the Cleveland Daily Banner the day following the election, after 12 years in the legislature in Nashville, Brooks decided to focus on winning the mayoralty, as well as residing in Cleveland full time with his family. Brooks said during the campaign that he had grown tired of being away from his family for so many years. Brooks focused on Cleveland’s future, stressing that a mayor must “cast a vision” for the future, as well as utilize past political experience and contacts to further the interests of the city. Brooks said his connections to Nashville would greatly benefit the city in helping him to cast that vision.

In his victory speech, Brooks stated, “We ran our campaign with integrity, without negativity. We did it with dignity from day one and never strayed from that. We believe the voters have rewarded that. We really hope that it sends a signal for future races, contested or not, that this is the way you are supposed to do it: with dignity and integrity in the way that is becoming of ‘The City With Spirit.’ This was not just a victory for the Brooks family; this is a victory for what is right.”

“I’d like to thank all of the dedicated employees that I am so honored to work with here at the Church of God offices for their prayers and support,” Brooks stated. “Thank you especially to Presiding Bishop Tim Hill for his belief in me and support of me from day one.”

Mayor-elect Brooks will be sworn in at 3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 10, at the local Museum Center in downtown Cleveland.

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