First Four Agenda Items Addressed on Tuesday

Orlando, Fla.—After opening instructions to the International General Council from Moderator Tim Hill, the tone of the room quickly changed at the opening of the 77th Church of God International General Assembly.

By B. Randall Parris

General Overseer Hill took the opening moments of the International General Council to inspire, challenge, and confront the members, reminding everyone that we need to preach the Gospel, return to prayer, and be unashamed of the Church’s holiness and Pentecostal heritage. Spontaneous applause and worship interrupted Hill’s anointed remarks in response to the presence of the Holy Spirit and desire to be what God has called the Church of God to be. Hill remarked, “It is time to get the microphone back and use our voice to proclaim the Day of the Lord and real truth!”

This year’s International General Council is quite different in that no elections were necessary for the offices of the International Executive Committee, International Youth and Discipleship directors, or World Missions directors. The election process on Tuesday began with voting for the Council of Eighteen. Later in the week, the Agenda calls for the International General Council to consider a measure to expand the International Executive Council from eighteen members to twenty-four members.

Item 1 of the International General Council Agenda was a “Resolution: Visional Actualization.” This measure allows for the general overseer, in consultation with the International Executive Committee, to appoint a Task Force on Visional Actualization that is representatively diverse. This Task Force would “prepare recommendations for the International Executive Council to consider for implementation and, as necessary, inclusion on the International General Council Agenda for 2020.” This measure passed without debate.

Agenda Item 2 was “Actualization of a Global Ministry Context.” This motion seeks to task the International Executive Council with the responsibility of actualizing a global context of ministry by “enhancing the availability of language-specific resources; recognition and utilization of international leaders during general church events, refining programs, methods, and systems to reflect the international nature of the church; and challenging the church to think globally.” Agenda Item 2 was passed by the International General Council.

The third Agenda Item addressed a“ Church Planting and Revitalization Task Force.” This motion requires the development of a Church Planting and Revitalization Task Force, and Church Planting and Revitalization Training Center in each state/region. These centers would eventually become a catalyst throughout the Church of God by providing training, equipping, and revitalization of pastors and church planters with needed resources to bring greater church health, systems, and growth in existing churches (Ephesians 4:11-12). The International General Council was updated by the director of USA Missions, Mitch Maloney. This motion passed.

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