New Release Encourages Remembering the Lessons of History

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” said the Spanish philosopher and writer George Santayana who died in 1952. Educator and author Vernal Lind reminds readers how the lessons of the past inform the future in his newest release, the novel The Future Wears a Strange Face (Redemption Press, August 2018).

When Matt Andrews comes home to from WW II in 1946, he faces fears and uncertainties. Pressured to take over the family farm, he struggles to return to civilian life following the bloodshed of the war. He is a different man than the youth who left for the army and faces adjustments to an academic routine as he returns to college. A polio epidemic affects his family. He has questions about God and life and must make decisions about his future.

Vernal Lind says, “I’m seeing a culture that has changed radically. As I look back and research history, I see earlier values and a way of life that are worth writing about. Perhaps we need to incorporate these values into our lives today.” He adds, “The future has always been uncertain, but when we look to the Lord, we see His face in all of life.”

Lind is a former high school English teacher, now a history researcher and award-winning freelance writer. The Minnesota native is the author of six historical novels who was recognized as “Best New Writer” and “Writer of the Year” at the Write-to-Publish Christian Writer’s Conference in Wheaton, Ill. His articles and stories have appeared in Grit, Lifewise, Teachers of Vision, and other periodicals, as well as in several anthologies.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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