Church of God Philippines Convention Attracts Record Numbers

Nearly ten thousand people came from all over the Philippines to attend the 14th Church of God National Assembly. It is the largest attendance in the history of the movement in the Philippines.

The tri-annual conference, held June 19-21, 2018 at Manila’s SMX Convention Center, featured a state of the national church message by National Overseer Dr. Anthony Velasco. In the address he encouraged pastors, churches and laity to fulfill the convention theme to “Go Beyond” themselves in excellent service for the glory of God. To watch the first plenary session, follow the link below.

“These are exciting times as an entirely new paradigm of ministry in the Philippines is emerging,” relates Dr. Marc A. Morris, Austral Asia Superintendent. “Church of God World Missions Philippines has quickly shifted to become a mission force, not just a mission field. The strategic priority of the national leadership team is to equip and empower a new generation of ministry workers that can effectively win people to Jesus Christ and disciple them.”

Delegates, who poured in by the thousands from the five major church regions (Mindanao, Northern Luzon, Central Southern, Visayas and Metro Manila), were inspired by the contemporary worship music and dance presentations, as well as a unique five part plenary message delivered by the respective regional overseers Elvis Viernes, Jhun Tud, Carlito Navarro, Cleto Anabo and Norbert Pinera.

A deeply moving moment took place in the last morning session when Velasco called all the pastors on stage for prayer. The stage, which was over 200 feet wide, was lined completely with pastors representing over 600 churches. The audience was invited to stretch their hands to pray for the pastors and leaders.

“We love our pastors in the Philippines,” stated Gigi Velasco, the Go Beyond assembly coordinator. “Our national leadership team wanted to welcome, honor and inspire the pastors and our people in various ways to continue serving our God and countrymen with excellence. Our missional goal is a Born Again Philippines.”

For more information about “Go Beyond” and the Church of God in the Philippines, you can visit the following link and website:

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