World Missions Ministers to Children

Tragic situations involving children are increasingly consuming the news media. The need for prayer and support has escalated.

Church of God World Missions has orphanages, feeding centers, educational facilities, and medical clinics for children’s ministries around the globe.

“Not a day goes by but that the children of our programs don’t need emotional and physical encouragement,” stated Director of Church of God World Missions David Griffis. “They feel and see the love of God in action through the church who supports them and the caregivers who stand alongside them. Some children have seen horrific situations in their own lives and recovery does not happen quickly.”

“Prayer is a vital lifeline for Church of God children everywhere,” Griffis continued. “The enemy wants to destroy them, as they are the church of the future. Their influence has far-reaching effect, and to cover them in prayer is indispensable.
Pray for their hearts and minds to be open to the Gospel; pray for those who daily care for them; pray for protection, good health, and happiness for the children. Pray they will be able to recognize the enemy and his tactics, and to live victorious lives in Christ. Pray for the countries in which they reside, that peace will prevail. Pray for continuous financial support for all Church of God children’s ministries and that they will experience an abundance, even in sparse times.”

To support children’s programs, please visit and include the World Missions project #102-4016 (TL4C).

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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