Seven Benefits for Believers Using the New ‘Christian Internet’

After seeing Christians censored by Facebook, Twitter and Google, Steven Andrew knew he needed to use his Silicon Valley leadership skills to free believers and build the “Christian Internet.” The first sites in development are the social network alternative to Facebook and Twitter called USA.Life and a search engine named 1776Free. The patriotic names come from the founders’ beliefs in God-given rights.

“People are signing up fast to get their free accounts,” he said.

Andrew started a crowdfunding page and will “launch this summer if people chip in the required funding now to finish and deploy.” He provides an overview, FAQ and details.

Seven reasons why Christians and churches “urgently need” USA.Life and 1776Free are to:
1. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without censorship.

Christians and pastors openly share the Gospel with these new sites. There is no fear of quoting the Bible.

2. Make strong families.

The “Christian Internet” promotes family values to build healthy homes.

3. Keep personal information private.

Users are safe. No one’s personal information is sold and shared, as Facebook and others have done. Also, USA.Life and 1776Free do not spy on people, because Andrew believes “spying is un-American.”

4. Give individuals and churches better connections.

People and groups know their Christian messages will immediately reach those who need to hear from them. This strengthens relationships.

5. Have more people saved.

One of the tragedies of Facebook, Twitter and Google’s bias against Christians is the people who missed hearing how to be saved. However, everything changes as soon as USA.Life and 1776Free are launched.

6. Have improved Christian news coverage.

Individuals, ministries, bloggers and news stations are expected to see traffic increases on Christian messages. This is estimated to be as much as 10,000 percent in cases where there was massive blocking.

7. Unite people and make the USA strong.

The “Christian Internet” unites Republicans, Democrats and Independents, because it is uses a Pro-America Algorithm (TM) based on the founders’ beliefs of life, liberty and happiness. To end the riots, building unity is of the highest urgency.

Sign ups, more information, the FAQ and more information on the rewards given for crowdfunding are available at www.USA.Life.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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