World Missions Night at the General Assembly

One of the most exciting and inspiring services of the General Assembly is the World Missions night. Anticipation is the norm, as missionaries and nationals march into the auditorium, raising flags, and influencing a rousing applause.

The Church of God has always loved missions, and has diligently encouraged and supported missionaries all over the world from its inception. The love and concern for missions is at the heartbeat of God—He wants all His children to know of His Son and the sacrifice He made for their salvation.

Loving missions, though, has to be taken one step further, and that is in giving of our means to support the efforts of evangelization. It takes monetary support to make the missions endeavors viable and needs the cooperation of every individual for success. Often, we lack a total understanding of just what it takes to make missions outreach productive.

As we near the return of our Lord, we are evermore aware of FINISHing the Great Commission and how much we must step up our spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hearts are burdened for those who yet do not know Him, and the only way they can is for us to send the Word to them through missionaries and discipleship.

The vision of International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and the Send the Light to the Cities emphasis is the featured project. All funds will go toward enhancing the great strides that have already been made in these strategic cities where ministry centers and discipleship training have been embraced.

Knowing every Christian wants to be a part of the last days harvest, the opportunity to give of one’s means will be provided at the World Missions service on Thursday evening at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Missions offerings have always far exceeded expectations, because of God’s anointing upon them and the desire of the Church of God people to truly meet the need.

The world is waiting for you to respond in gratitude for what Christ has done in your own life!

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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