Church of God Partners with ADF Church Alliance

A new partnership has been entered into a partnership with the Alliance Defending Freedom organization which will offer a discounted membership to prepare and protect local churches.

The ADF Church Alliance is an affordable membership program that prepares, advises, and defends churches as the legal culture tests the limits of religious freedom. The ADF Church Alliance will deliver practical legal solutions that will protect churches in the Church of God and make a lasting impact on religious liberty in America.

This partnership offers Church of God member churches a 20 percent discount on their first year of Church Alliance membership. Both organizations are excited to provide this religious liberty resource that engages, empowers, and protects churches so they can freely live and preach the Gospel in their communities.

“I cannot be more excited to be a part of this. It’s a wonderful resource,” said Dennis Watkins, general counsel for the Church of God. “To know there is somebody who has grappled with these issues, has been all the way to the Supreme Court, and has resources and a network of attorneys who can come alongside us, is very comforting.”

In a release from ADF, the organization described the Church of God as, “a denomination of the Christian Church that stands firmly for justification by faith, the priesthood of believers, the authority of the Bible, religious freedom, and the historic and true meaning of separation of church and state.”

“The ADF Church Alliance is designed for churches large and small who are ministering in a changing culture,” said Josh Chumley, Lee University graduate and deputy director of the ADF Church Alliance. “We have built this affordable program as a way to lift the legal burden from churches to allow church leaders to focus on their congregations and the needs of their community. Our passion is to ensure the Church of God denomination and every local church is legally prepared for religious freedom challenges ahead.”

Watkins and Chumley joined Erik Stanley, senior counsel and director of the ADF Church Alliance, recently to discuss how the program helps churches with the legal challenges of today. Watch this roundtable conversation with leaders of both the ADF and Church of God by clicking on this link:

Churches can learn more and become a member of the ADF Church Alliance by visiting Enter code COG2018 for the 20 percent discount on an annual membership.

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