Operation Compassion Continues Disaster Relief Efforts in Tortola

The destruction brought to the island nation of Tortola by Hurricane Maria last fall was of such devastation that it is difficult to understand without actually being there. The reports coming from Tortola spoke of utter destruction; no one knew what to do or where to start. Government buildings and communications where destroyed, local charities, agencies and churches were destroyed, everywhere people turned to for help and assistance were destroyed. Literally, there was nowhere go and no one to turn to for help!

Within a couple of days, Operation Compassion began to help facilitate relief and recovery on Tortola to both provide help for the locals and government employees to begin the process of responding to the needs on the island.

Operation Compassion was able to deliver four semi-trucks loaded with relief supplies, two to Houston and two to Memphis, to be loaded on cargo planes headed to the Caribbean. In addition, multiple containers, loaded with everything needed for survival, relief and recovery were prepared and shipped.

Most recently, Operation Compassion has sent two additional containers since the first of the year, containing products and supplies. Another container was sent to Dominica which also suffered severe damage.

Since those early days of emergency on Tortola, Operation Compassion has continued assisting by sending more containers loaded with building supplies and other products to aid recovery. Tortola is not back to where it was and may never completely return but they are making a new and improved island nation.

To continue to support the relief efforts in Tortola, please contact Operation Compassion with financial gifts. There are three easy ways to donate: online at www.operationcompassion.org; call your donations to: 423.728.3932; or mail donations to: Operation Compassion, 114 Stuart Road, NE PMB 370, Cleveland, TN 37312.

(Source: Operation Compassion)

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