Modern Day Parable Affirms God’s Grace is Greater Than Any Storm

Written more than 3,000 years ago, the Bible is often referenced as the “greatest story ever told.” On May 11, author Natashia Brewer will release her biblically-inspired novel, “Biblical Proportions,” offering a new twist on one of the Bible’s most-often referenced stories.

“Biblical Proportions” explores the lives of Edward and James Shaw, twin brothers and successful executives at Rock Star Records. Facing immense challenges, including infidelity, addiction and betrayal, the brothers stand to lose everything. But by the grace of God, they learn that the storms that loom are not designed to destroy them, but instead shift them so that they might lead more purpose-filled and faith-driven lives.

The book is inspired by the Bible story of Esau and Jacob, which is often referenced to illustrate the repercussions of choosing earthly desires, and how godless decisions can have a devastating impact on one’s future. Brewer’s characters are also compelling examples of the havoc that results from sinful behavior, but also the redemption and victory in choosing God even after embarking on the wrong path.

“We’re all sinners, we all make mistakes, and we have all faced challenges that in the moment felt like we wouldn’t be able to recover from them,” said Brewer. “These challenges present an incredible opportunity for growth and to deepen our relationship with God. There’s no such thing as a perfect person, but there are perfect opportunities to fully understand the enormity of the grace and favor that God wants to share with us if we would only humble ourselves and ask.”

Brewer has faced a number of challenges in her own life, including being the victim of gun violence as a teen and the loss of her mother from cancer. She uses her own personal testimony to uplift and inspire others. The launch of her new book will provide her with yet another tool to encourage those facing personal peril and seeking light in dark times.

“I think readers will be immediately pulled in by the drama and the excitement that surrounds the story’s main characters,” said Brewer. “But even beyond that, I hope that the story helps to encourage readers who are facing their own challenges, and inspires them to explore how they might reevaluate their own faith walk.”

A sample chapter of “Biblical Proportions” is available for download while the book’s official launch is approaching. Visit to read the explosive preview and to receive notifications when the book is available for sale.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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