Snowballing Testimonies from 700 Club Appearance

Following Dr. Matthew Chavis’ appearance on The 700 Club, there were 164 salvations and 122 re-dedications from the ministry out of his story. His testimony led to other media appearances such as a profound and in-depth piece in God Reports, spurring further salvations and cries for help.

Close to one hundred people have reached out to him via social media, thanking him and sharing their testimonies, including a gentleman from across the country after his wife called him into the room to watch Chavis’ interview. “He watched it and the very next day called me to ask for advice. We now speak once a week,” said Chavis.

Others have emailed Chavis to tell him how much his testimony touched them and asking for prayers. “They were in a dark place and needed help,” said Chavis. Many others have expressed their encouragement to continue God’s work. One individual shared, “I so needed to hear this. Thank you for the courage to speak.” Another said, “I needed this so very much.” A particularly touching response was, “Matthew, you have encouraged me so much with your testimony. You have inspired me to move on with my dream. Thank you so very much.”

Dr. Matthew Chavis’ testimony begins sharing how he was reveling in success and enjoying the good life until evil sent his affluent world crashing down. Sins draped as contemporary norms lured him down a harrowing descent into empty darkness, nearly destroying him physically with alcohol abuse, disintegrating his marriage, and devastating his million-dollar practice. Only through God’s love, mercy, and grace was Chavis able to vanquish his demons and find peace with the Lord and himself. The saved Christian now chronicles his transformation in the novel “Old Highway 316.”

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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