Man’s Testimony Leads to 164 Salvations in Under 7 Minutes

After Dr. Matthew Chavis recently appeared on The 700 Club, the popular CBN program reported receiving calls and emails from at least 286 viewers in response to his segment. There were 164 salvations and 122 re-dedications noted that day, much higher than average for segments.

In response to this news, Chavis shared, “After learning about the number of people that gave their lives to Christ and the ones that rededicated their lives to Christ, I wept as my heart jumped for joy. Not only did God save me that fateful night, He has allowed my testimony to be the vessel by which others are getting saved. My heart is filled with such joy at this time.”

Dr. Matthew Chavis was reveling in success and enjoying the good life until evil sent his affluent world crashing down, nearly destroying him physically with alcohol abuse, disintegrating his marriage, and devastating his million-dollar practice. Only through God’s love, mercy, and grace was Chavis able to vanquish his demons and find peace with the Lord and himself. In addition to sharing on The 700 Club, the saved Christian now chronicles his transformation in the novel Old Highway 316.

“I prayed daily for Him to allow me to tell my testimony to others and let them know just how much He changed me and that He can do the same for them. Little did I know that when I prayed this prayer that He had the 700 Club in mind. The day they let me know that my story was going to be aired was one of the happiest days of my life. What an honor it was to be on a program that I watched as a child with my grandmother. I continue to receive validation from God that my life is right where He wants it to be,” Chavis says. “God has given me a new lease on life and has pointed me in the direction to which He wants me to go and I am battle ready.”

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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