SL2C Update: Mexico City

Church of God World Missions leaders have been releasing progress reports for the Send the Light to the Cities (SL2C) Project, an initiative to reach 10 major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives. World Missions recently released a report on the progress taking place in the SL2C city of Mexico City, Mexico:

The largest city in the Western Hemisphere with a population of 8.92 million people (2016), Mexico City is the cultural, financial, and political powerhouse for the nation—a prime location for the SEND THE LIGHT TO THE CITIES project. Students trained within Mexico City literally have the world at their fingertips.

SL2C is moving forward in its quest to give light to those in darkness. A door of immense opportunity has been opened, and the effort must walk through that door quickly.

The project, however, is not without its obstacles. The recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake caused significant damage, and economic fatalities followed. The Church of God lost 22 churches in the earthquake zone, as well as the 100 lives that were lost.

Unfortunately, the church pastored by the Orlando Vicente family lost its meeting place they were renting because of the earthquake. On top of that, they were asked to leave the new place they leased because they are Christians and worship there. For this ministry to grow and affect the SL2C outreach, the congregation needs a place to gather and grow.

Anytime God’s will for lost souls to find Him is a priority, the enemy will fight the effort in any way. But, we know God is faithful and He will provide as we carry His light into the darkness.

To contribute to SL2C Mexico City, please refer to World Missions Project # 102-9435-007

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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