J.W. and Mildred Hill Inducted Into Hall of Prophets

March 7, 2018–Cleveland, TN–Rev. John W. and Mildred Hill were honored today with induction into the prestigious Hall of Prophets at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. The event took place at the Church of God International Offices during a special gathering of the Hill family, International Offices staff, other leaders and special guests.

Induction into the Hall of Prophets at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary is reserved for those ministers “whose service to Jesus Christ and the Pentecostal Movement has been meritorious.”

J.W. “John” Hill was a child of the Depression era and the oldest of nine children. Joining the Navy at a young age, he served on a hospital evacuation ship before being honorably discharged a week before the ship came under enemy fire. He met Mildred when they were 15 and 16 years old; they married and began a family.

President of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary Michael Baker, right, presents a plaque to Mildred Hill, second from left, commemorating her and her husband’s induction into the Hall of Prophets. Members of her family, including her son, General Overseer Tim Hill (left), and daughter-in-law Paula Hill (holding plaque) look on (click photo to enlarge).

Receiving Christ in his early 20s, John followed the leading of the Lord into his ministerial calling and became a bi-vocational pastor, selling cars, driving trucks, painting houses and whatever was necessary to provide for his family and preach the Gospel. He was credentialed with the Church of God in 1954.

John Hill pastored more than a dozen churches, primarily in Texas, and evangelized in nine states and three countries. Over his ministry lifetime, he preached over 5,000 sermons, resulting in more than 1,800 conversions.

Perhaps John Hill’s legacy is best described through his mentorship of more than 25 ministers who became pastors, evangelists, missionaries and church leaders. He came in and out of retirement on several occasions to return to pastoring churches in need of “turnaround” leadership. He spent the last of his productive years traveling as a growth consultant to small churches, training and mentoring pastors. He also counseled, prayed with and encouraged many by phone.

John and Mildred Hill were married for 71 years until his death on May 19, 2016. They were parents to five children: Cathy, Gayle, Johnny, Helen and Timothy; grandparents to ten; great-grandparents to eight; and great-great-grandparents to two.

The Hill’s youngest child, Timothy, today serves as the general overseer for the Church of God. During the induction ceremony he and several others addressed the attendees.

Rev. W.F. Williams met J.W. and Mildred Hill over 60 years ago and spoke of a lifelong friendship and ministry, including serving on boards, committees together and serving the bulk of their primary ministries in Texas.

“He was a man of great patience, charity and long-suffering,” Williams said of J.W. Hill. “He absolutely loved and cherished his congregations.”

Williams’ son, Rev. Mark Williams, a former general overseer for the Church of God, followed his father and gave a moving tribute, comparing J.W. Hill’s life and ministry to those in the 1957 book Profiles in Courage, authored by John F. Kennedy.

“His life was an unending testimony to faith, love and courage,” Mark Williams stated. “Today we add the names of J.W. and Mildred Hill to that hallowed place we call the Hall of Prophets. I will never forget his faithful devotion as long as I live.”

Making the official presentation into the Hall of Prophets was Dr. Michael L. Baker, president of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Baker explained the long-term impact of the endowment inaugurated in honor of the Hills, which includes a scholarship component for seminary students.

“We look forward to what this scholarship will do in the lives of future seminary students,” Baker said. “My prayer is for those who are recipients to have the same anointing on their lives as John and Mildred Hill.”

Several members of the Hill family were present for the ceremony. Baker presented Mildred Hill with a bouquet of roses and a duplicate plaque that will hang in the Hall of Prophets.

“Mom was always in prayer while dad was in the pulpit,” Tim Hill said at the closing of the ceremony. “His anointing was a direct result of my mother’s prayers.” Hill expressed thanks to the leadership of the Seminary and proclaimed blessings on the generations of students who will be recipients of the scholarship funds.

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