The Order of Silence and Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People

Three times he heard knocking at the door. Three times, no one was there–until there was. A mysterious testimony indeed!

Sometimes God sneaks up on us when you least expect it and does something astonishing. Other times he is more subtle in his approach. In a new book by C.H. Wilson, A Mysterious Testimony, God took the first approach and nearly terrified Cliff Wilson to the point of collapse.

This book narrates some of the experiences and revelations about his new life with God, the Bible and living the Christian life that Mr. Wilson experienced over his past 34 years. He has a unique take on life with God that may be a benefit to all devoted persons of God who read it. And it may be a sudden wake up call to those who are not so devout or have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

This quick read of only 34 pages and 33 chapters touches on some controversial subjects such as; Pastor Abuse, Looking at the Wrong Things, the Whirlwind, known as the Rapture, When Silence is in Order – time to shut-up, Becoming an Overcomer, Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People and more.

Mr. Wilson’s story is based on the truth that the Bible is a book dedicated to precision and made up of 66 smaller books by more than 40 writers as inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is an integrated message system given to us from God, from outside our time dimension spanning over 6,000 years. It is one story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation.

A copy of this book can be picked-up for under $3 and is available by searching Amazon: A Mysterious Testimony Kindle Edition by Cliff H. Wilson (Author).

This book was published by Touchpoint Communications Touchpoint Communications specializes in sermon audio repair, writing, editing, and voice over narration.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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