SL2C: Georgetown, Guyana

Church of God World Missions leaders have been releasing progress reports for the Send the Light to the Cities (SL2C) Project, an initiative to reach 10 major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives. World Missions recently released a report on the progress taking place in the SL2C city of Georgetown, Guyana:

The Church of God has been established in Georgetown since 1956. Georgetown is strategically positioned in the Caribbean by God for this time. It will be an effective force in the training of workers for the end-time harvest.

Joseph Persaud, Guyana’s overseer, reports the Church of God is urgently locating land to purchase close to the city for the Send Light to the Cities training center. Letters of request for land have been sent to the government and to a large corporation.

As the capital of Guyana, the city comprises three regions: Central Georgetown, Greater Georgetown, and South Georgetown. With a population of 131,395, Georgetown has one of the largest crime areas in the western world … a greater city of influence for the Kingdom of God could not be more apparent.

To contribute to SL2C Guyana, please refer to project #102-9435-003.

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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