Godblessyoutalkingcarhorn.com Makes its Debut in Los Angeles

Chris Corso, creator and owner of Godblessyoutalkingcarhorn.com, says, “GBYTCH is not in the business of selling horns, but in the business of making smiles. God bless you talking car horn’s doors are open to all – Christians, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterian, Muslims, Jewish and even the non-religious. It is a very unique car horn, like no others.”

Owners of Godblessyoutalkingcarhorn simply press the remote on their key tag and listen to “God Bless You” at just right level, not too loud- but not intrusive.

“It’s a quiet retort to an angry horn, most of the time it’s a smile maker,” observed Corso. Pulling out of a parking space into traffic, toot the GBY horn to the person that gives you a break, It’s a smile. Stop to allow a family to cross the street, toot GBY it’s a smile. A sneeze by someone as you sit at a red light…toot GBY it’s a smile. And if you can handle a little extra attention at church on Sunday, toot GBY in a church parking lot, many smiles.

These are just some of the examples founder Chris Corso offers up. Test marketing is being done in Texas, Oklahoma, as well as in Southern California. Comments such as “Amen, and I want one,” have been received.

At $49.95 “You can create miles and miles of smiles, coming and going, theirs and yours, day in week out.” Corso says, “It’s in God’s hands now or should I say, in God’s horn?”

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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