Send the Light to the Cities Project Update

International World Missions Director for the Church of God, Dr. David M. Griffis, and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes, recently announced progress reports with two cities associated with the Send the Light to the Cities Project, an initiative to reach 10 major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives.

Griffis has been releasing progress reports on specific cities as they occur. Recent communication from Asia/Pacific Field Director Andrew Binda reports the Church of God in Bangkok, Thailand is currently working in partnership with Dream Central, a functioning ministry already in place in the city. Revitalizing will occur in this ministry, upgrading their current facility, and utilizing it as a center to train pastors and church planters not only in Bangkok, but across Southeast Asia.

The Church of God has nine congregations in Thailand with 332 members. Bishop Somnuk Montrelerdrasme is the national overseer.

Dr. Griffis states: “A church that loves the world with a John 3:16 passion cannot take its evangelism mandate seriously without looking to the cities.” And the Church of God is looking to Bangkok!

The Project Number for SL2C Bangkok is 102-9435-002.

Griffis also reported that Kigali, Rwanda, Africa, is a megacity awaiting trained workers for the great harvest within her boundaries.

Rwanda is a small country with this modern capital, and the population in Kigali is more than 1.13 million (2015). She is noted for her cleanliness as a heavily populated metropolis.

Church of God Field Director Peter Thomas says: “Currently, the respective government office is doing a physical planning in the area where our Church of God site is located. Due to the national elections, this planning, which has to be done before we can be given a building permit, has been delayed. Once this is finalized, and we are given our building permit, we are confident this process will be concluded by the end of the year and we can start laying the foundation.” Students discipled and trained in Kigali will go forth and spread the Gospel to the nation and the surrounding areas.

The Project Number for SL2C Kigali is 102-9435-004.

Director Griffis declares: “We will evangelize the cities, plant churches, provide an evangelism and training center in each one and then, like the Good Samaritan, stay alongside them until they are able to sustain their own commitment to FINISH.”

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(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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